It’s GIN o Clock bei Loonshot Ventures

Dec 5, 2023

The urban Viennese gin distillery MUNAKRA joyfully announces the successful completion of an investment round. The startup, recently featured on the TV show "2 Minutes 2 Million", has attracted three renowned investors: the lions Christian Jäger and Heinrich Prokop, as well as the FMCG investor Loonshot Ventures.

Bernhard-Stefan Müller, investor at Loonshot Ventures, highlights the uniqueness of MUNAKRA: "Munakra is more than just a gin, of which there are, as we know, brands aplenty. Our team is pursuing an innovative approach by not producing a classic juniper spirit. These products are refined with great love by hand and with comprehensive expertise and are an absolute must-have for every well-assorted bar, whether in a hotel or at home. For this reason, we were happy to invest."

The distinctiveness of the gins lies in the use of mystical and special botanicals, creating unique products with fascinating stories and incomparable taste. The bottle design also plays a significant role, as the term "Handcrafted" is visually conveyed through a wax seal and handwritten labels. Founder René Grüner emphasizes: "We produce all our products in Vienna, as we hold regionalism dear to our heart. Many of the botanicals used, therefore, come from the region."

Currently, the products are already listed in various trendy locales such as the “Campari Bar”, the "The Bank Bar" at Park Hyatt, and the “Neue Hoheit” at Rosewood Hotel. They are also available in more cocktail bars, hotels, and retail stores throughout Austria. The MUNAKRA Distillery's products can also be purchased through their online shop.

Founder René Grüner highlights the significance of the appearance on "2 Minutes 2 Million": "This was a significant boost for our company. The investment now made by first-class partners, such as the food expert Heinrich Prokop, the scene investor Christian Jäger, and the Loonshot team led by industry expert Bernhard-Stefan Müller, combined with the fame already achieved, puts us in a unique position to be able to expand sustainably in Austria and internationally in 2024."