From idea to realization: investing with Loonshot Ventures

Loonshot Ventures invests in startups at various stages, from seed funding to Series A, B and C. Our focus is on supporting startups in their growth and enabling their long-term success.

Why invest with Loonshot?

By investing with Loonshot Ventures, investors enjoy more than just one benefit.
Since Loonshot Ventures actively invests in startups itself, investors get the chance to jointly invest with Loonshot. This means that there is the possibility of low capital investments of 20k-70k per ticket and hence a diversification strategy across several startups can be implemented well. This way investors can reduce the risk of their investment.
Moreover, investors receive a professional investment management in the sense of a lead management and a corresponding development of the investment.
Loonshot Ventures knows the best startups and only scouts the most promising ones, which gives investors good prospects of success. 

Our Process

Startup scouting
Due Diligence
& Investment
Investment Round
Company Building & Scaling
We partner up with our Startups

Ready to Invest

With Loonshot Ventures, business models can scale and startups and companies can reach their full potential. Join us in pushing the boundaries of what is possible.
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